Reid Wheel was born in July of 1977, when a niche demand for wheels and casters had become apparent to Brian and Anne Reid. Brian, having left his career as a welder, worked out of the couple’s tiny residential garage to do a variety of jobs ranging from shopping cart repairs to deliveries, from steam cleaning bakeries to shoveling snow. Anne was an integral support, performing all the necessary administrative duties. For Brian and Anne, the theme of diversity to meet niche demand continues to drive their business path even today!

Having sourced product from a reliable manufacturer in the East, Brian began to carry an inventory of wheels and casters, enabling better and faster customer service. Finally a move to larger premises was required, so Reid Wheel moved to leased premises on Roseberry Street. A few years later, and having grown to represent several more product lines, Brian and Anne purchased the building at 875 Century Street where the wheel and caster company has thrived ever since.

In 1993, Brian and Anne purchased the Casterland name and Calgary location, merging it with Reid Wheel in Winnipeg. They went on to open a Casterland location in Surrey, British Columbia, as well as a branch in Edmonton, Alberta thus becoming the largest caster house in Western Canada. Casterland’s 4 locations were sold to a similar business in 2013, creating an even greater powerhouse of customer service and selection excellence.

Along the way, Brian and Anne had carved out a few other companies…

Their origins dealing with grocery stores and such, originally known as the “Buggy Business”, became Speedy Cart Services, specializing in shopping cart repairs and pickups. This company was sold in 2011, to long time employee and friend Jose Baires.

Also in an offshoot of the original company, Reid Wheel has continued to run a very successful welding shop, doing welding repairs as well as manufacturing quality handling equipment. This area has recently been branded as MACE MANUFACTURING and under Brian’s new focus, is poised to grow over the next few years.

SPECIALTY TIRE AND TUBE (STT) humbly began in 1995, as a product line offshoot within Casterland’s Winnipeg showroom. At that time, the demand for specialty tires prompted a relationship to be established with several small offshore tire suppliers. STT has continued to diversify, now offering several lines of tires for lawn and garden, golf, ATV, trailer, and implement, as well as trailer parts, pallet jacks, and various clothing and equipment for sport enthusiasts. Under the management of Paul Reid, and with the support of partner Kyle Allan and product specialist Rob Flack, STT has flourished. Having started out as only a few shelves of product, STT’s warehouse now boasts 17,000 square feet of inventory.

The newest brand under the Reid Wheel umbrella is CENTURY POWER SPORTS, located within the Specialty Tire and Tube warehouse. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

…and the legacy continues…